As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of November 23-27.

It was a brief and quick week in Oakdale designed to appease some and appall others, but they certainly got into the holiday spirit.

Jack‘s “Never Surrender” tour came to an end this week, which leaves us with the question: Did he? Actually, I still have to wonder what he was supposed to be resisting in the first place. Was it grief? Misery? Hopelessness? Guilt? Something else? He gave in to most of those things. In the end, he also surrendered to Carly. After mostly failing in his ill-conceived plan to pull one of the men from Katie’s past out of their own lives and back into hers, Carly filled in for Janet and bullied and bossed him around, finally dragging him back to Oakdale for the holidays. However, that wasn’t before Janet, with a little help from her sister and Dusty, saw Carly and Jack passed out in bed together.

Poor Janet. She really doesn’t have much of a marriage. At least Dusty is sniffing around her (and her sister – finally! An intriguing possible love triangle). For the moment though, Janet will have to suffer what usually befalls the those who come in the orbit of the curse of the supercouple. Most of the dialogue Jack and Carly shared in the Tuesday CarJack heavy episode was recycled, either from the past or the same episode. Every gesture was completely predictable and the only thing it really demonstrated was that post-drunkard Carly is still more adept at emotional manipulation than Janet. Even Janet just sort of groaned when she saw them together because she knew how predictable it was. The writers seems to be exercising a great deal of anxiety about the whole thing. It was like the entire thing was stuttered. The only part of the CarJack episode that really amounted to much was the fact that the compass is broken and can only point south, which suggests doom… or at least that this metaphor is worn out.