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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of November 2-6.

Not a bad week at all on As The World Turns, but it did raise some questions, mostly about the kind of choices they are making as they play out the stories which will carry us through November.

Many happy returns. Brad is still dead, but he hasn’t gone anywhere. I know they through the funeral together quickly, but where was everybody? It may have just been a budget issue (probably), but they could have shot it in a little room, called it a funeral parlor and given the illusion that more than a handful of people had shown up. Were they trying to say something by having it happen in a virtually empty church? His mother wasn’t even there. I know Emma left for a trip awhile ago, but did no one call her? But what I found even more odd was that Brad didn’t bother attending his own funeral. They could have played it bittersweet, sad or funny, but they didn’t do any of those things.

I’m not even sure what to say about this. On the plus side, the ghost story gives people more of a chance to say goodbye to Brad. It will even give Katie more of a chance to say goodbye and it will be more, though I hate the word, ‘cathartic’ than his quick death would allow. Also on the plus, it’s letting Henry do his humorous best in a horrible situation and it could go some way to redeeming his character just a little. At the same time, all of these things could easily turn out to be negative. It would be easy for this to turn into a bad riff on “Ghost”. You can say what you like about Austin Peck but he’s not Patrick Swayze.

The big return. Carly came back from rehab just as everyone started to think that Jack’s drinking is a problem. The Carjack reunion will have to wait because they both have more important things to deal with right now. She looked good. Maybe too good for someone who just got out of rehab. I was rather disappointed by her meeting with Jack. But maybe it was intended to feel awkward and blank, after all, that would be emotionally appropriate considering the situation. Her first scenes with Craig were much more interesting and Maura beautifully hinted at volatility and fragility at the same time. Carly caught Craig and Rosanna out pretty quickly. It was astounding really. Craig and Rosanna are both much better at being deceptive normally. I’m rather torn about the whole thing. I liked Craig with Carly. I like him with Rosanna too. But since she is heading off the canvas and it looks like Carly is heading back to Jack (in the long run certainly), what will be left for Craig to do? I also have to say that I found the whole confrontation between the three of them a bit anti-climactic though. Each of them has an enormous talent for exploding so I’m thinking that the real fireworks are yet to come. They all seemed distracted by thoughts of other things while they were fighting, almost as if they’d already moved on.