As The World Turns‘ Brad Snyder first showed up in Oakdale in 1998. The character was played by four different actors over the following year (Nick Kokotakis, Roy Eudon, John Loprieno, Phil Yourpipe) and used his charms on everyone from Lucinda to Rosanna before leaving town. Austin Peck took on the role in January of 2007. Ironically, his return saw him breaking into the farmhouse and nearly getting shot by Jack. He took up where he had left off in 1999 – sleeping with most of the women in town. Soon, he also had his estranged daughter, Liberty, back in his life and the aging lothario suddenly developed an intense jealous streak over anyone who would come near her. He even went so far as hiring a bodyguard to watch her and accidentally putting a teenaged boy in a coma. Most of the time he’s been back, however, has been consumed by his relationship with his brother’s ex-wife, Katie. As they worked together at WOAK they gradually, and awkwardly, fell in love. After getting married, they desperately tried to have a baby, finally lucking out. Sadly, he was accidentally shot by his brother when he went to a warehouse to rescue Katie from a mobster. He never saw the baby she gave birth to only hours before.