Thoughts on the week of October 12.

I’m happy to say it was actually a very strong week. Even if the storylines aren’t all that great, something felt far more present this week than it was last, and that’s character. Everyone seemed more involved in their own plots somehow. It was small things. Scenes which were played a bit against type or with a bitter humor that let them ring a little more clearly. Things gelled really well, not because there was any big event uniting them, but because each episode was about character conflict more than the broader narrative set-up.

Craig and Rosanna’s passion was palpable. They continued giving in, regretting it and refusing to do it again, then doing it again. Parker caught them out several times. They thought about coming clean with Carly to avoid making things worse, but Craig wound up offering Parker access to his trust fund instead. The bitter-sweetness of the situation was well-mixed. Everyone feels awful, but everyone also feels compelled to give in to their desires. Whether it’s nasty or not, Craig and Rosanna are still hot together and the repercussions of their affair could be far-reaching and provide extensive material for the future. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. There were other good things about this story. Craig always gets snappy dialogue and, when he’s in a pinch, can produce a fascinating kind of volatility. The uneasy position he is in with Rosanna also provided Jack with plenty of opportunities to be snide, which is usually entertaining. Another side benefit of it was that it allowed Parker to seem purposeful and he also got some nice lines in here and there.