Thoughts on the week of October 5-9.

It was the week for big events as the captivity/wedding plot came to a head. After the root cellar wall collapsed on Holden, Maeve magically got him out and to a hospital without much explanation. She promptly vanished and he snuck back to town where he walked in on the end of Damian and Lily’s speedily thrown together wedding. We were told that Holden was gone for many months, which really doesn’t make much sense. After all, wouldn’t Liberty be a lot further along in her pregnancy and wouldn’t Holden’s hair have grown a little? It makes sense insofar as it gives the relationship between Damian and Lily a plausible time frame to develop in. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually do enough of that on-screen to make it look like it developed over months, and it seemed extraordinarily rushed and incongruous instead. This was also the case with the way the children came to ‘accept’ Damian. It wasn’t even like they were just doing it to be polite. To expedite things, they actually had Damian kill Ebb to save Faith in order to garner her automatic approval.

The biggest problem wasn’t just the clunkiness and plot holes, however. How it came to a peak was even more of a let down. Although the background music, and the thunder storm which accompanied Holden’s return, promised lots of melodrama. It all fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, Jon Hensley can give Holden some wonderfully understated and sensitive nuances and scenes, but this didn’t seem like the best time for it. I understand that Holden was exhausted and shocked, but his concern for Maeve registered a lot more deeply than his anger at Lily and Damian. The one thing his return actually managed to do was make Lily and Damian look a lot more interesting as a couple. They actually added another layer to their relationship this week and I can almost enjoy them now. Besides, anything that winds up messing with Meg and results in her getting a slap is worth something. As the week ended, Maeve finally made her first appearance in town and already seems to be morphing into a different character.