Casey moans (

Thoughts on the week of September 28-October 2.

I enjoyed this week, but I’m not completely sure why. It felt coherent on a daily basis. Episodes were more or less broken down so that each concentrated on a specific story. This didn’t always make the most sense. Wouldn’t it have been more interesting if the story of Adam was set a little more closely with the story of Emily, after all, in a sense they are both about the anxiety and difficulty of having and giving up children? They’re both stories which could use more nuance after all. A more peculiar choice this week was leaving Holden’s story, which had picked up a lot of steam by the end last week, hanging until the end of this week. It seemed like a recipe for destroying its momentum. In a lot of ways it was. Friday felt tacked on. Maeve and Holden were locked in a root cellar where they easily found the cash which Ebb has been searching for. He was busy running off to town where he grabbed Faith and prepared for a showdown with Damian. Does this mean that Ebb is going to be vanishing soon? That guy is kind of growing on me, but he’s not going to last.

So far, it has been really great to have Maddie back. She’s already added a lot and really helped push the mess with the Hughes family along to something more interesting. Although she came back to town to testify for Adam, Casey talked her out of it, suggesting she could go to jail for speaking out and admitting to some less than legal activity of her own. She gave in to him. He abruptly changed his mind and told her to go ahead. She did. Adam was cleared and left town at his brother’s insistence. This led to Casey and Alison’s relationship collapsing. She was right to end things with him. Ali has her share of problems, but, in spite of his charms, Casey generally is a manipulative, spoiled jerk. His mother accused him of as much, but Tom stood up for him. Now that he’s finished with Ali, Maddie seems perched to pair up with him again. Far more interesting, however, was seeing her trade barbs with her mother. That’s what I really want to see more of.