Thoughts on the week of June 22-26.

It was an unusual week that left me wondering what was going on. I mean that in two ways. First, I really don’t know what’s going on. Things seem sort of aimless. Which leads to the second sense… I don’t know what’s going on because I feel so detached. It has something to do with the way things are meted out through the week, with specific plots focused on particular days and then dropping off for days at a time. It’s a habit that their P&G sister soap often falls into as well and it results in the strangely disjointed and uneven feeling the show often has. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but it gets to the point that I’m not even sure what the relationships between some characters are even about. But maybe that’s a good thing, it could even be the point of how some things are written. A good case in point would be the whole Riley affair, a plot which should work along suspenseful lines but never gelled that way at all.

There were a few big events but for the most part, things seemed to be deflated. Carly and Craig’s engagement continued to rub Jack, and even Janet, the wrong way. Janet’s response was at least palpable while Jack’s seemed arbitrary and thrown in, conjured up from left over feelings and a dose of boredom. I don’t doubt his lingering love for her, but it’s less interesting at this point than Craig’s. Because he’s Craig, I’m always left uneasy about anything he’s doing, but he seems so out of character. Not a changed character, just out, such as when he went to Rosanna for help, asking her to move in with them. But I like this about him, because it makes him enigmatic. Carly is a different case because, with her alcoholic storyline, she isn’t so much out of character, but one who is continually dwindling. All of the negative traits she’s accumulated over the years seem to be coalescing as the character becomes more and more simplified and reduced into a few desperate gestures and denials.

Bonnie and Dusty continued to flirt and date. She encouraged him to take down Damian and he ended up outing his rival in his bid to take over Worldwide surreptitiously. Meg was not amused, but neither was I, though the reasons for that are hardly the same. She told him that there is no future for them if he continues using money as a weapon. Meanwhile, Hunter went looking for his father with Alison’s help. He didn’t have any luck, got depressed and made a pass at Alison. She wasn’t receptive. She had other problems though, like Casey and his intense paranoia. It caused a rupture in their relationship but he turned out to be right in his concerns over Riley.