Thoughts on the week of June 15-19.

It was all about the new couplings this week.

Alison tried to help Hunter out with his mom. They went to visit her, she started calling him ‘Tristan’ and freaked out at Alison, which either means that she’s just deranged or she’s letting out something mysterious. The pair has been getting closer, mostly because no one else seems interested in befriending him. It’s an interesting dynamic, full of awkwardness and aloofness and couldn’t be more different from her relationship with Casey. Although it’s not a romantic relationship yet, Hunter clearly has feelings in that direction. For her part, she’s either totally naïve or doesn’t consciously know what she wants.

Meanwhile, her sister Emily’s eggs went missing. It’s a story about being uncoupled. She panicked and her mother wasn’t much help. Larry returned to town and was accused of taking her eggs. He denied it, in spite of some evidence pointing to him, but no one has any idea what he would be doing with her eggs. They weren’t the only thing to go missing. Riley’s watch went missing. Margo wondered if it was Casey since he’s been doing his best to get rid of him. She may be trying to fill Adam’s place with Riley, but it seems like Adam is trying to hog all of the space for himself. The way he manipulates his mother disgusts Alison. Also disgusted this week: Liberty. She thinks Parker is treating her like something he owns and ordered him to stay away.

After calming things down with Rosanna, Craig turned his attentions back to Carly. He tried to reassure her and support her and they wound up kissing. Is he taking advantage of her? Given her mental state and his history, maybe, but the opposite could also be true. At this point, Craig is more useful to her than the other way around. Even if they are up to their old games of manipulation, both of these characters clearly have deep, complicated feelings for each other which aren’t like those that we’ve seen them have with anyone else. It’s still hard to figure out exactly what they are though. Things aren’t going to be taking a casual course, however, and that’s largely thanks to Jack sticking his nose into things. Even as Craig covers up Carly’s problems while trying to solve them, Jack dug into his recent accident and dragged all of his ex’s problems up again.