Thoughts on the week of June 8-12.

There was a prevalent theme in this week’s episodes. They seemed to be all about the roles people play, how they get replaced, how they flip from one position in a relationship to another and the confusion this creates.

Anxious about losing his current role in Vienna’s life, Henry showed his insecure and paranoid side. He’s always had a theatrical sensibility and this was highlighted quite nicely. While he’s carefully cultivated his own persona, Vienna can easily match him with hers. Although she saucily hinted that he’s great at role playing in private, when it came to public displays, Henry suffered from a bit of performance anxiety. He and ‘Bubbles’ (aka Katie) were getting buddy-buddy again and watching the preparation for the Vienna and Brad version of ‘Oakdale Now’ when things started to go wrong. The actor who was cast in a skit on the show canceled so Vienna called Henry to fill in. Henry fumed as he watched she and Brad talk about romance. Henry took the opportunity to argue with him, in character, and spill champagne on his lap. Brad eventually flipped out and the two men argued while Vienna tried to salvage things. While they men turned into children, Kim freaked and then they discovered that the show was a hit. Vienna was thrilled. Henry less so.

“I see balloons and a lot of bad hair,” Craig quipped as he and Carly crashed the prom to search for Parker. He’d snuck in on the arm of a friend and started a fight over Liberty with the head of the football team. Janet accused Parker of becoming a stalker. The parents did all of the arguing for their children. Craig had a problem with Carly’s style of parenting, or lack thereof. She and Parker seem more like a pair of teenagers living in a hostel than like a mother and son. Craig confronted her about drinking again and then tried to ingratiate himself in her life. He cares about her, in his own way, and enough that he was willing to try and get along with Rosanna. She, and everyone else, can’t get used to seeing him in this strange role he’s been playing in her sister’s life.