Thoughts on the week of June 1-5.

I must admit that, until recently, I wasn’t the most regular watcher of As The World Turns. Like fellow CBS soap, Y&R, it’s a series which I have watched off and on for years, but never quite been able to devote myself to watching every day. So it’s with some nervousness that I take up this post. I’ve always felt that it takes a certain level of devotion to get under the surface of a soap. You really have to allow yourself to sink into its own particular little world and that takes time more than anything. So, if my observations seem a bit superficial, they probably are, but hopefully that will change in time.

The week concentrated on three plotlines, each with a distinct mood and style.

The death of Adam had its positive and negative aspects. The way that they set it up was great. Margo receiving a mysterious package from Afghanistan while Casey and his friends were joking around until the news came. There was a great specificity to the way that the characters were speaking earlier in the week. When they don’t have much to do, they have great personality and it shows in the way the scenes are written. When tragedy strikes, however, things really change. The general sense of disbelief and disconnectedness of the event was fascinating and believable. The death registered as something incredibly alien, something which didn’t really happen and it didn’t seem entirely plausible. After that, things got a little less convincing. Having Corporal Riley show up the way he did at the funeral seemed forced. He didn’t register as much of a person either, more like a cardboard cut-out with a running tape recorder. There was something almost nightmarishly weird about his post-memorial interactions with Margo while they talked about milk and cookies. I understand that it was supposed to make her look bereft and confused, but it was just odd and hollow. Then again, maybe that’s what they were going for. Maybe, considering her difficult relationship with Adam, it made more sense to play it that way.