Can’t get enough of Kathleen Widdoes as Emma Snyder on As the World Turns? Watch her play the leading role in A.C.T.’s production of W. Somerset Maugham’s “The Circle,” beginning January 10 at the American Conservatory Theater. Tony Award nominee Mark Lamos will direct “The Circle,” an omen to “The Constant Wife.”

Kathleen will star as Lady Kitty, a vivacious woman who returns to confront her husband and son after deserting them thirty years ago, when she had an affair with her husband’s best friend. However, upon her return, her grown son will cope with a crisis of his own, when his wife betrays him for another man.

In addition to Kathleen Widdoes, Ken Ruta will take the part of Lady Kitty’s husband, Lord Porteous, James Waterston will portray Arnold, Lady Kitty’s son, Allison Jean White will play the role of Elizabeth, Arnold’s fianc�e, and Phillip Kerr will assume the role of Lady Kitty’s former husband Clive.

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