On December 6, Jennifer Landon (Gwen) visited the recording studio in New York City to record her debut “Slide.” “Slide” was written by Nini Camps then published by Cherry River Music. “Slide” was made available as a download from itunes.com. Later, “Slide” could also be downloaded as a ring tone from Modtones. Before recording, Jennifer’s character, Gwen, performed the song for ATWT fans on November 16.

Today, Soaps.com is thrilled to announce that Jennifer Landon will be returning to the recording studio on December 28 to record another song for your listening pleasure. This time around she will record “I Saw Love.” This song will also be made available from itunes.com on December 28.

Can’t wait until December 28? Clipblast will give you a sneak peek of the recording. The sneak peek won’t let you hear the entire song, but you will get to listen to a few seconds of the song. Furthermore, you’ll also get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action (make-up, photo shoot and a partial recording of “I Saw Love”).

Note about the download at itunes: I have updated the link in this article to go to Jennifer Landon’s song, but I hear you have to sign up and download itunes first. According to the site, it’s free, but if you find out anything different post a comment to let us know.