Lucy needs to tell the truth! (

As The Week Turned
April 27 – May 1

Somebody shoot me. We’ve got a murder mystery – of an unimportant character! We’ve got Parker buying a car with no adult supervision – argh! And we’ve got Dusty finally taking custody action – okay, I’ll buy that one.

On with the blog!

The Murder Mystery

Why couldn’t the big murder-mystery for May sweeps have involved a loved character? Or even a character who wasn’t so peripheral that the fans mostly forget his name? He’s the shadowy dock worker helping Lucy. Who cares that someone killed him! Now, if they killed Lucy that would be something (not that I want Lucy dead) or if he severely wounded Dusty, I could buy into it and be really invested. As it is, I don’t care that Cesar the dockworker is dead. I don’t wonder who killed him. I don’t care that Craig has been arrested for the crime because they have no motive, they’ve already violated his civil rights and don’t even know what his alibi is for the time of death. Come on! They would never question a suspect without knowing 1) time of death, 2) where Craig and Carly were at the time. Simply because a man was murdered at Craig’s docks that doesn’t mean that either he or Carly were involved!

I will admit that the gun being found in Craig’s vodka cases was slightly – but only slightly! – damning, but again, why do they suspect Craig of running guns? Sure he’s not a great guy, but running guns? And, again, they would try to check out his alibi for the time of death – which they still don’t have!

And don’t get me started on not allowing Craig to speak to his lawyer. Ugh!!

Parker Bought a Car?

This is just silly. So we’re supposed to believe that Parker showed up at a local car lot with a wad of cash and they just let him buy a car?