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As The Week Turned
April 20 – April 24

As my week turned this week several things caught my eye. One, Luke really, seriously needs an attitude adjustment. Two, Meg’s plans never work so why is she still making them? And three, Liberty has finally started to use her brain again!

On with the blog!

Alison and Casey

Could the writers please, please, please give Casey and Alison something better to play than a goofy ‘Mr. Pants’ storyline? If Alison says one more time that her past is killing her future I’m going to scream. Get some counseling. Get over it. You made a few mistakes. Casey doesn’t seem to care so let’s get going on this! And on the counseling front, that could be a good, growth storyline to follow because Alison does have man and drug issues to confront!

The Kidnapping

Who didn’t see the Grimaldi connection coming a mile away? Yep, me, too, but all the same, I started liking this storyline this week! Seriously! Zac and Zoe finally got out of their weirdness and went fully evil, there was a gunfight, several fistfights and then Lily took charge. Great, great drama. Now if Holden would stop being so sanctimonious I could really sit back with my bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!

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