On September 8, 2006, America voted Alex Charak the winner of CBS’s reality series “InTurn.” His prize was a 13-week contract on As the World Turns, where he played the role of Elwood Hoffman, Casey Hughes’s college roommate. Just recently, Alex’s 13-week contract ended, but Soaps.com is happy to report that Alex Charak’s role as Elwood on As the World Turns will be recurring!

Are you one of Alex Charak’s many fans? Fantastic, because you catch Alex on Myspace! Alex currently has over 200 friends on Myspace, and on occasion he blogs about his personal life and acting career. You’ll read all about how he felt when he won “InTurn,” and you’ll even discover why he was unable to attend the Daytime Stars and Strikes charity bowling event.

Since I found Alex on MySpace, I’ve really enjoyed reading his blog entries and keeping up-to-date with him. Not only does he play a witty, down-to-earth character on As the World Turns, but his blog also shows me that his real life personality may also be witty and down-to-earth. I have laughed at a few of his blog entries at Myspace, and I’m sure once you read them you’ll laugh at a few too.

Go ahead, surf on over to Alex’s blog on Myspace! While you’re there, add “Alexander” to your friends list!

Here’s an excerpt from Alex’s latest blog entry:

“I’m excited to start school in January. I’m taking Intro to Theater Studies, Intro to Theater Performance, American Jewish History, and a private Double Bass lesson. Not too shabby I think.

I’m also extremely stoked about the fact that I was asked to continue playing Elwood Hoffman on As the World Turns as a recurring character. (High fives himself) I’m thrilled. And for those of you who are not thrilled, well, you just can’t get rid of ol’ Alex Charak that easily! I’ll post more air dates soon.”

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Soaps.com would like to wish Alex the best of luck with all his future endeavors–on and off the set!