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As The Week Turned
April 13 – April 17

Happy Friday, fans! There has been a lot of talk about Luke on the boards this week, and it seems like the character has two camps: the Luke fan, who understands his idiosyncracies and the Luke hater, who is tired of the drama. Last week, I polled you on Luke and was surprised with the results.

On with the blog!


Fan of Luke or not, there was a lot going on with the Snyder man this week – and not all of it was good. Despite Noah’s best intentions Luke continued to defend the Z twins and confront Damian. I think Luke is a little too tied up in the past to see things clearly at this point, and so do many of you. Last week 32% of you voted that Luke is overreacting to Damian this time around. Another 50% voted that Luke is just a self-absorbed brat. That poll proved to be right when Luke blamed Damian for Noah ‘leaving town’, when he ranted at Lily that she loved Damian more than him and the list goes on. Now, we know Noah has been kidnapped, but Luke doesn’t so I’ll give him a break there. What I won’t give him a break on is his conversation with Noah. Once again he tried to blame Noah for their issues with his ‘you’re running away’ attitude. It’s time Luke stopped looking for blame in other people and started looking at himself. For the past two weeks he’s been ignoring Noah’s advice, wants and needs in favor of ranting about Damian and jumping in league with the twins. If Noah really had left for some breathing room, I could totally understand why.

That said, I don’t want Noah to get hurt by these schemers! So I’d like Luke (or Damian or whomever) to come riding to the rescue really, really fast!


Wow, is Henry flipping the flop or what? Yeah, I think so, too. First he adamantly doesn’t want a baby, then he adamantly doesn’t want to help Brad and Katie and now seems to be incapable of thinking of the baby as anything other than his. So, is Henry ready to be a dad?