Fans, we are going to see a lot more of the outside locales in our fictional Oakdale in the coming months! has learned that there will be more ‘on location’ shoots thanks to new cameras!

As we head into the warm spring and summer months, Oakdale viewers are going to see something new: more outdoors shots! TeleNext Media, the production company for As The World Turns, has purchased three handheld camcorders to accommodate the extra outdoors shoots.

Prior to this, the company had limited true outdoors shoots to only a handful each year; the other ‘outdoor’ shot were actually shot on an outdoor studio set. Now the camera crews can easily move into Brooklyn for ‘city’ shots or to Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey to reproduce the suburban areas of Oakdale.

TeleNext Media purchased three Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 HD cameras for the outside shoots, which make it simpler and more affordable to shoot outside. These cameras were chosen in part because of the light handling capability because they can work with available light so that the producers don’t have to set up a bunch of lights to ‘light’ an outdoor location. There are seventeen people working on the exterior shot crews.

The company reports that now they could shoot up to five location shots in a typical workday and across the New York and New Jersey areas where the ATWT sets are located.