A familiar face is headed back to Oakdale fans – and Alison is probably not going to be happy to see him! Soaps.com has learned that Ed Fry (Larry McDermott) will make his As The World Turns return on May 25!

Ed played Larry from 1990 – 1995; he also played Adam Cory on the defunct “Another World” from 1986 – 1989.

Although he has been mentioned a few times in recent months (most recently when Alison received the tainted jewelry during Dr. Ric Decker’s terror campaign), Larry was last seen leaving Oakdale for the better working conditions of a Chicago hospital. Larry just couldn’t get along with John Dixon; Susan expected to follow Larry but because of Emily she would up staying in Oakdale. Larry had an affair in Chicago and when Susan found out she filed for divorce. Since he has had little to no contact with daughter Alison, who changed her last name from McDermott to Stewart in her teen years.

The return of Larry is currently only slated for a couple of episodes, but as we all know, short stays often turn into long term contract roles! We’ll have to wait and see what happens between Larry, Susan and Alison – and the rest of Oakdale, of course!