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As The Week Turned
April 6 – April 10

We’ve got weird twins, a fight for Meg and something fishy going on with Lucy. Sounds like a good week to be in Oakdale to me!

On with the blog!

Zac and Zoe

There is a lot of potential for the new twin characters but so far – at least for me – these two aren’t hitting the right notes. First, they are way too close. I know there is a whole secret-language/connection twin thing, but these twins are waaaaaaay over the top of the connection meter. I’ve never seen any siblings act like them, twin or not. I think these two are up to something, I’m just not sure what! Are they after the Foundation? Are they trying to separate Luke and Noah? Or are they just goofy, nonsensical people? I’m still scratching my head on this one!

Eliza’s Custody

First, the writers (again) went way too fast! There is no way a caseworker would take Eliza out of her mother’s home like that, fire or not. Why? Because Paul was the one present at the fire. Plus, earlier in the show, didn’t Jack and Janet say that Liberty was at the farm alone? So why didn’t she come downstairs and back up Meg? It just doesn’t make sense. Plus, with Paul’s history, the caseworker wouldn’t have given him full custody like that. I could see her removing Eliza to a foster home during an investigation but not switching custody like that.

Second, Dusty went way too far. One more time. I love me a little Dusty because, well, yum! But he’s acting like some man-on-a-mission but without a mission. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with his time so he just makes everything he can bad. There was no reason for him to go after Paul and beat him up, there is no reason for him to keep Lucy’s secrets and don’t get me started on the ‘relationship’ with Meg. That woman needs a man break! For a guy who is so good at telling other people what they should do he certainly doesn’t have good advice for himself!

Lucy’s Secret

And that brings me to Lucy. When she announced her secret medical mission to Africa I absolutely loved the idea. Now, I think it’s just another lie. Why? Because she keeps using it to get what she wants. Dusty wants her to help Meg (and who wouldn’t want to keep Paul from that baby?) and she throws down the Medical Mission Card. Paul threatens to tell Craig the truth and she throws down the Medical Mission Card. I loved Dusty’s comeback on Thursday, though.

“You could save Eliza and Meg and that would save me. That is three people saved, Lucy, isn’t that enough?” he said.

Perfect comeback and right on. Yes, I think getting medicines to needy people is a valiant cause, but I don’t think that trumps being a decent person to the other people directly in your life. Plus, I’m not so sure she really is on a medical mission; I still think there is more going on on Craig’s docks than Lucy is letting on!