In just a few days a very interesting newcomer will appear in Oakdale – a woman with a few, let’s say ‘extras’ floating around!

Charissa Chamorro (ex-Tory Granger, Guiding Light and ex-Sophia Pellegrino, One Life To Live) plays the mysterious woman, brought around by Katie. Just a few days ago had the chance to chat with Charissa about the role – and the possibility she might be sticking around Oakdale for a while!

“Well, I can’t say too much, because I don’t want to spoil things! What I’ll say is that I was brought in by Katie to be a guest on Oakdale Now,” said Charissa.

Right now the role is a simple appearance part, but in soap operas you never know when that guest slot will turn into a contract role – just like Charissa’s roles on GL and OLTL! Would Charissa be open to a more permanent role on ATWT?

“Being on [the show] was such a great experience and I would definitely be open to that! I know Terri from her time on OLTL and it was great to work with her again and Chris Goutman [the director] was fantastic to work with. It was great working on the show and if the opportunity came about I’d be open to it.”