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As The Week Turned
March 30 – April 3

Finally!! Finally someone didn’t yell at Parker, finally Liberty started to see the light and finally Henry started to really think about what he is doing with Vienna.

On with the blog!

The baby-makers

Did anyone else find it hilarious when Henry faked a fall and then ripped the sonogram picture right out of Katie’s hand? That was priceless and typical Henry! I loved it. I’m still not sold on the storyline as a whole because of the secret keeping. I have a feeling Katie is the one who will be hurt – and it could lead to the end of the Bratie pairing. Definitely not a fan of that!


Last week I said I was going to shove my remote down Parker’s throat if he didn’t stop talking. This week, I almost did it! Seriously, this kid needs a huge wake-up call when it comes to Liberty. He’s emotionally blackmailing her into staying in the marriage when it is clear that she has doubts. It’s going to take something really huge to make Liberty finally cut that cord. Personally, I’m ready for that because it will bring Parker down a peg or two. Money doesn’t solve everything, as Parker seems to think! That also made me another fan of Craig’s this week! Finally he did what has been needing to happen all along: he calmly presented one side of the argument for Liberty to really ponder. And then Parker hit the roof. Hopefully she will finally wake up!