Jade takes a questionable job. (Soaps.com)

As The Week Turned
January 26 – January 30

I love a good, interrupted wedding just as much as the next girl, but the best weddings-interruptus happen when the two people getting married really love one another. As Carly came to her senses at the bar, uh, altar, I wasn’t stunned or horrified for her. I was just hoping someone would toss some of that champagne my direction.

On with the blog!

The Wedding That Wasn’t

Could someone smack Jack around? Just a little bit? And while you’re over there, grab Holden, too. The two Snyder men did their best to kill Carly’s plans this week – and, by golly, it worked! Now I’m not saying Carly should have married Craig, but I am saying her choice was no business of Jack’s or of Holden’s! Yeesh, these Snyder men are convinced they know the best for everyone in town and yet they keep making the same mistakes.

Jack’s had how many marriages now to get the Carly-addiction off his back?

Holden isn’t in love with Lily but tells Carly that only marriages based on love work out?

Hello, pots, meet kettles!

Carly and Lily need to have a meeting of the minds and dump both Snyder men like hot potatoes. And not take them back no matter how much groveling is involved!

The best part of the wedding? Margo swilling champagne like there was no tomorrow.

Jade, oh, Jade

Just when we thought Jade might grow up and turn into a useful human being, she takes a job with Emily. Yep. Emily. And it isn’t a real job, Emily is basically prostituting Jade into breaking up Casey and Alison. It doesn’t matter that she told Jade she only had to ‘distract’ Casey and not sleep with him, she is paying Jade to get a guy. Yeah, that’s pimping in my book. Who knew the call-girl would turn into the madam with one simple Help Wanted ad?

Emily’s character is just strange these days, not that she was ever normal. I could see her being upset about Dusty. He basically jumped from her bed to Alison’s and then back again, not exactly an easy thing to get over. But to propose to Dusty after he not only slept with your sister but told you in no uncertain terms that he only tolerates you?