Trent Dawson’s As The World Turns character, Henry, is on many fans’ minds these days.

Henry has written a book, “The Man From Oakdale” (you can read the book review here) he’s been blamed for the downfall of Metro and freaked out (just a little) over Maddie’s return to Oakdale.

Okay, so Henry freaking out isn’t all that abnormal. But writing a book? Being the patsy for Carly? That was new so I had to catch up with the actor, to get his take on these events!

“Okay, first, I picked out the jacket cover,” said Trent. “That’s about the end of my influence on the book!”

Okay, so Trent didn’t write the book – we knew that, right? What does he really think about it?

“I like it! There is so much inside stuff for the fans,” he said. “You don’t have to be a fan of the show to ‘get’ it, but for fans there is a lot of inside stuff from characters to locations.”

And now fans can share in the glory of the book! Trent and co-star Ewa da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt) will be on hand at a book signing in Westbury, New York on January 31! The event will be held at Borders Book Store, 1260 Old Country Road at 4:00 PM. Don’t expect to see glimpses of Henry and Vienna, though, Trent and Ewa won’t be portraying their characters at the signing.