Emily needs a clue! (Soaps.com)

As The Week Turned
January 19 – January 23

Three proposals, one grown-up baby daddy revealed and a little insanity from Emily. What more could we ask for in a single week?

On with the blog!

The Paternity Issue

Nope, not the Johnny situation just yet. I’m talking about the other custody issue – Jade’s paternity. Was it my imagination or is Derek hell-bent on destroying any chance of a relationship with Jade? And could someone toss a little water on Jade to stop her I’m Tough act? Seriously, between the two of them I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs this week. Okay, Derek’s a bad dude with a shady past. Deal with it and move on, already, don’t whine about for days on ened! Okay, so Jade’s always been a little troublemaker. We get it. That’s part of the love we have for her. But she’s acting like a three year old who didn’t get any dessert! They both need to get a big clue and start by getting to know one another.


Did someone spike Emily’s coffee this week? Man, she was on a roll! First, she convinces Dusty that he, too, needs to be married to win custody (at what point did Oakdale go back in time to the 1970s?) and then she suggests she be the good wife? With her past? And she’s outraged when Dusty brings that up? Newsflash: a past in prostitution isn’t looked kindly upon, Em, and you know Craig will use it to his advantage. Sure, Dusty could have handled it a little better but he did try to let her down gently before she demanded to know what was going on.

And then she accuses Alison of stealing all of her men? In which lifetime? Yes, Alison had a one-night-stand with Dusty. He tried to make things right and you left town, Em. You came back with Chris on your arm and wouldn’t even look at him. And now, after you break Casey’s heart you’re going to accuse Alison of stealing him from you, too? Alison can’t steal what you’ve already destroyed!