Luke and Noah make love! (

As The Week Turned
January 12 – January 16

Why? Finally! Why? Life in Oakdale is certainly never boring but, for me, there were a few too many ‘why’ moments. Why did Craig propose? Why is Liberty so indecisive? Why Josie, period? And there are a few more. There were also a lot of ‘finally’ moments. Finally Luke and Noah had sex (can we stop talking about it now?). Finally Derek acted like a grown-up. Finally Carly and Lily are acting like real friends. Not bad, for a week’s worth of work, I’d say!

On with the blog!

The Proposal

I could sub-headline this section with “…And The Custody Fight”, but I’m actually going to try to keep them separated. We’ll see how that goes. Okay, the proposal. Forget everything that happened prior to Lily sitting down with Craig for one teeny minute. My question? Why did Lily sit down with him in the first place? She doesn’t like the man because he’s the arch-enemy of her high-school sweetie. She hates Craig, like most of Oakdale, but after a confrontation with said past-sweetie she’s going to give him advice on how to beat Dusty? At what point did Lily tuck away her brain in favor of a martini?

I don’t get it. Really and truly, I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the twist and I actually think Carly should consider it, but I still don’t get it. Craig is manipulative but he’s manipulative behind the scenes – like bribing Katie or a judge – not in getting married to present a fatherly situation. Why should Carly consider it? Because it’ll make Jack nuts. Seriously, torturing a fictional hero who thinks he is better than all other people in town is fun. Now, if Craig could somehow move the whole town to Utah, get Lily to marry him, too, and drive Holden over the edge my life would be complete!

What’s Up With Alison?

I’m really, really not liking weak-willed Alison. So she doesn’t want a relationship with Casey – and who would? He’s a college drop-out, video game playing child with no prospects and no drive to come up with a life plan. Alison’s had enough missteps in her life (porn, drug addiction) so it makes sense that she doesn’t want that kind of influence in her life. But actually being jealous of Casey and Jade, who were sharing a friendly hug? That’s just silly. If Alison is going to turn into a Dumb Girl, I say bring on the porn and drugs – at least she was interesting back then!

Parker and Liberty

Does Jack really think kids don’t date or fool around? What is his deal? Yeah, I’d be upset to walk in on my kid making out with a boyfriend/girlfriend but flying off the handle and demanding that they never see one another again is just too weird. It’s the part of Jack that I absolutely hate. He acts as if Parker and Liberty are plotting to start a teenage pregnancy ring or something even more ludicrous. And, really, he has no room to talk. How many times has Liberty walked in on him making out with Janet in the flippin’ kitchen? Yeesh! Pot, meet kettle!