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As The Week Turned
January 5 – January 9

Here and gone. I was blindsided this week by how fast the returns of Maddie and Lucy were over – and how the return of Jade just keeps dragging on. Nothing bugs me more than returns that don’t make sense. Recasts? I understand the need for them; some are hard to get used to, but that isn’t as big a deal to me as nonsense returns.

On with the blog!

The Return of Jade, Maddie & Lucy

Have there been three more useless comebacks to Oakdale in the past year? The return of James and Dusty has strong storylines accompanying them. But Maddie coming back to Oakdale for sex? Come on, she’s a college student – they all have sex all the time! Lucy’s return sort of impacted the Dusty/Craig storyline, but it would have been so much better if the writers had kept Lucy around for more than two weeks! Come on! She runs at the first sign of trouble? Let’s take a look at the past: first and foremost that Craig doesn’t have custody of Johnny so he can’t press kidnapping charges. Dusty won’t press charges because he knows why Lucy ran off. So why does she have to run yet again? I just don’t understand. And then there is Jade. Poor little Jade coming back because she needs money? Okay, that is typical Jade. But couldn’t the writers have returned with a more mature Jade? A Jade who has a brain or a Jade who isn’t simply a troublemaker?

Lucinda & Brian

The only good thing that has come of Jade’s return so far is that Lucinda knows about Brian. I don’t doubt that he loves her on a platonic basis but Lucinda deserves so much more than that! She deserves pie-in-the-sky, heart-stopping, head-over-heels love. And I hope she finds it – soon!

Carly’s Money Problems

Who didn’t see this coming? Seriously! Carly rarely goes to work – not that any soap opera characters seem to work! – and Henry keeps blowing off his shifts. The only person regularly there is Bonnie and all she does is feed Derek free sandwiches. It’s no wonder the place is going under! A club like Metro should be hopping all afternoon, every evening and into the night no matter what is going on with the economy. Carly should sink some money into a good advertising campaign and get people back in the door!