As The Week Turned
December 29 – January 2

I love that Lucy is back. I love that Maddie is back. But now that we know ****Spoiler Alert*** that both of these characters are leaving very soon, what was the point? To bring Johnny back? To make Casey wonder about a future with Alison? I’m confused at this point, especially when so much more could have been done with both characters!

On with the blog!


Okay, Dusty knows Johnny and Lucy are back now. Lucy has her bone marrow donor in Katie. Craig is about to find out everything; and Lucy is leaving? I’m flummoxed! Why not have Lucy and Craig fight out their custody battle in court? And don’t forget about Dusty; as Johnny’s adoptive father – and with Craig signing away his parental rights years ago – he has rights, too! I really like the latest incarnation of Lucy but she strikes me as a fighter, not a runner. So why are the writers letting her run away instead of really, really playing out this storyline?