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As The Weeks Turned

You know, around about December 29 every year, I start to wonder where the year went. This year is no different! I can’t believe that it’s been a year since Sofie gave her baby to Will and Gwen to raise; I can’t believe it’s been a year since Craig tried to kill Paul (again) and I can’t believe it’s been another year of dating for Luke and Noah and yet they still haven’t had sex.

As I started thinking about all of this, the best (and worst) moments of 2008 in Oakdale came to mind. Here are my thoughts on the best, worst, saddest, happiest, silliest and most heartbreaking moments in Oakdale.

On with the blog!

The Sofie Chronicles

Bad, good or ugly, I really like the Sofie character. At the end of 2007, I really felt the pain she felt at not being able to raise her baby. I felt how tough it was to give her up and move on. And then I understood why she kidnapped the baby back. Didn’t agree with her, but I understood where she was coming from! Even when Sofie started acting like a lunatic – accusing Paul of rape and keeping the panties she wore when they made love? Eeeewwww! – I love to watch her antics. She was a hoot. Crazy Sofie, Sad-sack Sofie, Ghost Sofie. She made Oakdale a fun place to visit every single day. For me, Sofie is the Best Ghost of 2008.

Barbara’s Cancer

I’m actually going to call this one The Best Worst Storyline of 2008. Why? Because it didn’t tell a story! Yes, we saw Barbara’s diagnosis of Oral Cancer. Yes, we saw her trying to hide her illness from her family and yes, we saw a little bit of her treatment.

But where did the story go from there? Seriously, as viewers, we’re fairly sure that she is in remission but the show hasn’t really addressed that. Babs’ cancer just kind of faded into the woodwork and with Colleen Zenk Pinter playing the part it could have been soooo much better! Colleen is an amazing actress, and she has personal experience with Oral Cancer. So why didn’t the writers give the story more play? I’m not sure. But a little more play would have made all the difference for me!

Craig Escapes, Craig Returns

The antics of Craig are another Best of/Worst of. Why? Worst: Because I miss Scott Bryce (ex-Craig Montgomery). He is my favorite Craig of all time. On the one hand it made sense for him to attempt murder and then run but then again, it didn’t. Why not blackmail Katie immediately to be his alibi? Why run? That isn’t Craig’s usual M.O. Best: That isn’t to say that I dislike nuCraig (Jon Lindstrom). He is as close to Scott Bryce’s Craig (again, my favorite incarnation) as the producers and writers could get. Jon is great as slightly snarky, slightly evil and mostly diabolical Craig. And he’s easy on the eyes, too! I wasn’t thrilled with Craig’s dalliance with Dani (another Eeewww! He was almost her father!), but not that she’s out of the picture, I don’t cringe every time Craig comes on screen.

Plus, the chemistry with Carly and the hate-fest with Jack is fun to watch!