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As The Week Turned
December 22 – December 26

I love a little holiday spirit mixed in with my soaps and this week in Oakdale didn’t disappoint! We had the return of the prodigal daughter, a little holiday lovin’ and some holiday drama mixed in for good measure.

On with the blog!

Craig and Carly

The threads on the message board have been going crazy about the renewed Craig/Carly connection, with most posters hating the pairing. Most of this is from those who want a Carly/Jack reunion. You know what? I really like it! I love Jon Lindstrom as Craig – he brings wit and sarcasm and just a hint of evil. Perfect for a love-to-hate soap opera villain. The connection and chemistry between Jon and Maura (West, Carly Tenney Snyder) isn’t quite as strong as the chemistry with Michael Park (Jack Snyder) but there is a little som’n-som’n there.

Plus, I’m sick and tired of sanctimonious Snyder men telling Carly what to do. First it was Jack – and that is still going on! – and then it was Holden – Hello, Pot…Meet Kettle. Carly needs some Snyder free time and I think Craig is just the man to give it to her. He doesn’t judge anyone. He doesn’t bring up past mistakes time and time again. He doesn’t impose his will on women…okay, maybe he does that but Carly always does what her heart tells her so she can stand up to that.

Meg and Dusty

Does anyone else think Dusty is just a leeeetle bit too involved with Meg and the new baby? Eliza is a peach, but that is just weird. Like he’s substituting Meg and Eliza for Jen and Johnny. Talk about creepy! The Dust-Man shouldn’t be acting like that!