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As The Week Turned
December 1 – December 5

I’m still trying to catch my breath from this week fans. Between my new crush (Jon Lindstrom’s Craig), my old crush (Grayson McCouch’s Dusty) and Janet’s almost-Bridezilla behavior I had a lot to keep track of this week.

On with the blog!

Craig Is Back

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a fan of Craig. Evil, sarcastic, sweet. . .all facets of Craig fascinate me. So I’ve been looking forward to his return and I have to say I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve even got a little crush going (don’t tell my husband) on Jon Lindstrom. Seriously, he ‘gets’ Craig – Craig isn’t sweet, he isn’t completely evil and he isn’t a pushover. He manipulates, he teases and he can get a little dirty in the process but he always, always gets what he thinks he wants at the time. I love that! Perfect soap opera, if you know what I mean.

You know what I didn’t like? His dalliance with Dani. That made me want to scratch out my own eyes. And her calling him ‘Big Daddy’? Just wrong. On so many levels! For about two seconds he believed he was her father and she admitted that he was like a second father to her. And now they’re sleeping together? Eeeeeeewww! That’s worse than Luke’s step-grandpa kiss from a few weeks ago!

You know what I can’t wait for? The official Dusty/Craig hate fest. They came face to face at the last second on Friday’s show, which can only mean fireworks are headed our way next week!

Dusty, Josie, Paul and Meg

On to my second crush – man, I’ve really got to keep the husband away from this week’s column! – Dusty. I know he’s superior. I know he always has an agenda and it isn’t always the best. But, he is so committed to what he wants and so charismatic that you forget that faking a death to find a missing child, man-handling emotionally fragile Emily and shooting Paul really aren’t forgivable actions.

I’m glad Josie finally came clean. Now can she go away? I liked the character at first but I’m really not liking her at this point. Giving Paul’s money back notwithstanding, what she did is just wrong. Faking a connection to a dead woman and then sleeping with her mark? I’m sorry. No. Make her go away because a simple, “I’m sorry,” isn’t enough for me at this point.

Did anyone else find Paul’s fight with Dusty a little bit comical? I mean, who carries a gun around in his pocket? And who has an axe readily available in their living room? And who, when a man is pointing a gun straight at you, lunges to fight? Only Paul. And only Paul could convince Meg that it was all Dusty’s fault in the first place. I love Paul, really I do; I especially like him when he’s a little bit diabolical but he’s mostly been a Keystone Cop this week, so he kind of deserved to be shot.