It looks like another Oakdale-based novel is headed to a bookstore near you, fans! has learned that Henry Coleman, with the help of Alina Adams, has penned a tome about a missing young woman – and tells a few Oakdale secrets in the process!

In the novel, “The Man From Oakdale”, Lucinda Walsh hires Henry to investigate the disappearance of Lucy and Johnny – and find them before either Craig or Dusty gets to the duo. Savvy Oakdale fans will remember that Lucy kidnapped Johnny a scant two years ago to protect him from Craig’s influence. The tale finds Henry and girlfriend Vienna traipsing from the South America Republic of Montega to Sweden and pilfering a few things from the United Nations office in New York! And along the way, Vienna disappears, too! Wow, now that sounds like a rip-roaring read!

You can learn more about the book – or order a copy! – by clicking here.

Okay, you all know that Henry is actually only a character on As The World Turns, so who is the real writer? She’s credited alongside Henry – Alina Adams! In real life, Alina is the Creative Content Producer for both ATWT and Guiding Light. Alina also wrote “Jonathan’s Story” for GL.

“The Man From Oakdale will release January 6, 2009.

This is the second Oakdale-based book to hit the shelves in recent years. Who could forget Katie Peretti’s tell all “Oakdale Confidential”? Heads are still reeling over the secrets Katie told in that book! By the way, Alina Adams was the writer behind that novel, too, so if you liked the first book, is certain you’ll like the new book by “Henry”.