Casey kills Thanksgiving! (

As The Week Turned
November 24 – November 28

You know what I love about holiday weeks on soap operas? That everything turns back to family. Of course it’s family with an increased bit of drama, but still family focused.

Take the Snyder Thanksgiving Dinner. We saw Holden’s family, complete with kids, Meg and Paul, Luke and Noah, Jack and Janet with Sage. We heard from Alison, Seth, Iva and a few other past Snyder’s and even had a touching moment between Janet and Carly.

Of course, there was also the drama that Paul adds everywhere he goes – Josie! Was I the only one not surprised that Paul and Josie were in cahoots? I saw that coming a mile away. Still liked it, but saw it coming. What I like about it is that Paul is in complete denial about why he’s targeting Dusty. He can say it is about Meg until the cows come home but one glance at Meg and Dusty and we can see that they have a strong friendship but not a romance. So, we are left to wonder why he’s targeting Dusty.

My money is on the money. The Stenbeck Money. In my opinion, Paul still isn’t over the fact that James left everything to Dusty; therefore, any action Paul can take against Dusty to hurt him is justified, at least to Paul.

Do I agree?

Well, Dusty’s my guy, so no. But I love watching it! Paul is great when his moral compass goes slightly left of center. When he’s plotting and planning, there is nothing better than watching his brain work. I love that. So he can keep messing with Dusty and I’ll keep hating him for it but watching. Every. Single. Second.

Which brings me to the next thing that kept me watching this week: Janet and Carly.

As a fan of both women, I have to say that I’m stuck in the middle. I think I’d be more on Carly’s side if she would admit why she wants Janet out of her life: Jack. This has nothing to do with the kids. It’s all about Jack. If Carly would admit that and fight for her man, I’d have a lot more sympathy for her. I’m just not a fan of Carly sitting back and taking it, so to speak. She’s much more fun to watch when she is actively involved in her life. And I have a feeling something is coming. Did you see her face after Jack and Janet announced their wedding date? Yeah, I have a feeling Carly’s not going to let Jack and Janet get married – and I can’t wait to see what she does to try to win him back.

Could have done with the Luke issues. He’s being a big baby, in my opinion. Would I be freaked if my newly-married-step-grandpa kissed me? Yeah. But I would make Oh-You’re-A-Manly-Man digs at him throughout a family function. For the second week I have to say, “Grow up, Luke!” Oh, and stop with the drinking already!