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As The Week Turned
October 27 – October 31

Hey, there, Oakdale-ites! Didja miss me? Yeah, I didn’t think so, not with all of the Halloween preps going on! Speaking of Halloween, put together some Greatest Hits from Halloween’s past. Click here to take a trip down Spooky Memory Lane!

As I watched this week and decorated for the trick-or-treaters, I started thinking about how I would change Oakdale if I could be a villain for a day.

On with the blog!

The Election

Last week, I lamented the fact that Luke is making everything about his sexuality. Some of you agreed with me, so of you didn’t. I have to say, I’m still feeling the same way but I’m understanding Luke a little bit more, especially after his run-in with Kevin at Al’s after Alison’s attack. Kevin was sooo condescending, telling Luke that he had no chance of winning. If I were Luke, I might think the way Luke does – that it’s all about sexuality. But there is something that the writers haven’t addressed and I think that is leading to much of the misunderstanding of Luke – and of fans! It could be that Kevin isn’t referring to Luke’s sexuality at all. He made a good point when he asked Luke if he had been in contact with any student groups other than the Gay/Straight Alliance. Luke couldn’t answer that – because he hasn’t.

What the writers haven’t addressed is that Luke doesn’t really attend classes any more, he doesn’t live on campus and he doesn’t attend school functions (the party at Yo’s doesn’t count because he only attended because of the election). So, when Kevin is insulting to Luke, it could be just because Luke doesn’t participate and not because of his sexuality; does his sexuality and their past weigh into Luke’s decisions? I absolutely think so. But the writers need to address all areas of Luke’s school attendance and the election, otherwise, I feel we’re – the fans! – are being shorted!

Lucinda’s Cancer

Did anyone else cry a little bit when Susan told Lucinda the cancer was back? Not just because of the cancer but because so many things are going wrong in her life. She has no contact with the girls, no contact with Lily, her friendships have mostly fallen apart. She has a new man in her life, but what cancer-victim would want to bring all of this heartache to a new relationship? So, really, she has nowhere to turn. I really felt for Lucinda this week. My hope? That the writers do a more thorough job with Lucinda’s cancer than with Barbara’s. Speaking of, where is Babs?!?