“You’re not alone.”

An original “As the World Turns” cast member, Helen Wagner played Nancy Hughes from 1956 until 2010. Sadly, the actress died in May 2010. The show addressed the character’s death on August 30, 2010 when her son Bob found her after she passed away.

On August 31, Oakdale paid their respects. Casey and Alison put together a photo tribute, volunteered in her honor and became engaged. Lucinda, Susan and Barbara recalled their crazy bus ride with Nancy, while Lisa asked the women to make a donation in Nancy’s name. Tom and Margo set up a scholarship in his grandmother’s name, as Kim suggested they name a library in the hospital for her late mother-in-law.

After more reminiscing occurred, everyone gathered in Old Town, lit candles and said a prayer for Nancy. Relive the tribute to Helen and Nancy in the episode below, complete with flashbacks. Feel free to share your thoughts on the beloved actress and character below.