congratulates Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart) on her new role – in a play! Now, fans, don’t worry. This news doesn’t mean Marnie is leaving As The World Turns, she’ll just be pulling double-duty for a little while!

Marnie will begin starring in “Angel Eaters” on November 3, 2008; the play runs through November 21, 2008.

The play is part of the “Angel Eaters Trilogy” focusing Joann, who grew up poor in 1930’s Oklahoma. Joann says she can talk to angels and raise animals from the dead! But, when her father dies, her ‘gift’ takes a dark turn. Joann’s mother hires some carnies – or carnival workers – to try to raise him from the dead! Sometimes comedic and sometimes tragic, the play follows the family’s struggle through the Dust Bowl.

Tiffany Clementi and Ken Glickfeld also star in the play. “Angel Eaters” will be held at Wings Theater, 154 Christopher Street in New York. It is sponsored by Flux Theater Ensemble.eatre

For tickets and other show information, click here.

Congratulations, Marnie! We wish you the best of luck with the play!