A crazy Paul is a fun Paul! (Soaps.com)

As The Week Turned
October 20 – October 24, 2008

Isn’t it funny how life can turn on a dime for soap opera characters? One minute, they are embattled in life-and-death situations and the next they are having lunch at The Lakeview or making up with an ex-friend. Real life isn’t quite this quick, but then, who would want to watch our lives? Am I right?

On with the blog!

Meg, Paul, Dusty and Emily

You know, for the first time in a long time, I had to feel sorry for Emily. She used Chris to get back at Dusty and then had an affair with Casey, so I thought she had a little som’n-som’n coming her way. But I didn’t expect to actually feel sorry for her when it did. When Dusty told her on Thursday that they had no future because he still loves Jennifer, I wanted to cry right along with her. I actually rooted her on when she tried to change his mind and I wanted to hold her hand when she made up a busy work schedule just to get him out of her office.

Of course, she ruined those feelings by running to Paul and continuing down that slightly-less-than-normal path.

I’ve said a few times that a good, crazy character is the cure-all for a bad storyline. Paul is the picture perfect example of that. When the madness with James began, I just wanted to shake him and make him ignore his father. Now that James is gone, though, Paul is holding the storyline together. I want to see who he’s going to go off on next. He hit Holden and Dusty this week. At some point he has to have another run-in with Jack.

Maybe one of his run-ins could be with Margo and her trusty side-arm; then we could get Barbara (by the way, where is she???) back into the mix. I could get behind a few Margo/Barbara girl-fights, couldn’t you? Oh, the barbs. The one-liners. Ahhh, every soap needs a girl-fight from time to time!