Baby Snyder.

Real life soap couple Austin Peck and Terri Conn are expecting. When they were in Oakdale portraying Brad and Katie, their characters had a baby as well, but sadly, Brad died before Katie gave birth.

Although Katie was married to Brad’s brother Jack first, their chemistry couldn’t be denied. Kim first detected it when she hired the two as co-hosts for “Oakdale Now.” They eventually became friends and Katie’s marriage to Jack fell apart when Carly’s pull over him came between the newlyweds.

Brad and Katie first got together when Brad agreed to father Katie’s child. Of course, they fell in love in the process, though no baby came from their repeated attempts at conception. They eventually married, despite a reappearance by Katie’s ex-husband Mike. After their legal union, Brad’s daughter Liberty showed up. The two weathered the unexpected surprise, as well as Liberty’s mother Janet wanting Brad back.

Unfortunately, their love story was cut short after Katie became pregnant. When she tried to help Henry with mobster Ralph, he kidnapped her. Katie went into labor during her captivity, but Brad never saw the baby. When he tried to rescue his wife, he got caught in between Jack and Ralph’s standoff and took a bullet. Brad died, but his ghost would later visit his wife and child.

Katie went on to raise her son by herself, but found a note from Brad suggesting a name for their child. What did he want his son to be called?