Brad-fans grab your life jackets and get those credit cards ready. SoapCruise 2009 is right around the corner – and As The World Turns’ Austin Peck (Brad Snyder) has signed on to cruise! This will be Austin’s second year on the cruise.

Several other soap stars are cruising, too, and you can read about who will attend as well as different Soap Cruise events here. “So, this will be your second Soap Cruise. What are you most looking forward to?”

Austin: “I’m most looking forward to just being on the open seas (laughs). I had a great time last year. One of the greatest things last year was going out of port with Jacob Young and his wife in Mexico. We looked at the ruins and it was a fantastic day. Just being around the other actors is really fun. You get to know people you’ve met briefly at some event and get to know them better.” “You’re the lone Oakdaler again this year. Are they (the show’s producers) afraid to let you out of New York with any of your castmates in tow?”