“This is my territory.”

Currently, Robin Mattson plays Heather Webber on General Hospital, but she had several other soap roles before returning to Port Charles. In addition to stints on “Santa Barbara,” “All My Children,” “Days of our Lives” and others, from 2006 – 2007 she played Madam Cheri Love on “As the World Turns.”

Noticing the effect Emily had on men at a lesser-known Oakdale bar, Cheri assumed she was a pro. Cheri gave Emily her card in case she wanted to work for her. Since she was in an emotionally fragile state at the time, Emily took her up on her offer and became a prostitute.

Dusty was concerned about Emily and confronted Cheri many times over her. Emily finally broke free of Cheri, but that wasn’t the last they heard from her. After a fight with Dusty, Cheri was found dead in her Lakeview hotel room, shot by a bullet from Dusty’s gun.

Though he was a suspect, it was revealed that Dusty didn’t kill Cheri, but Noah’s dad Winston Mayer did. Cheri turned out to be Noah’s mother, who Winston banned from seeing their son years ago. He killed her when he felt she was breaking her promise to stay away.

Watch the scenes as Cheri meets Emily, who ultimately accepts her offer. Feel free to fill in the blanks about Cheri Love in the comments below.