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As The Week Turned
October 13 – October 17, 2008

You know what I love about soaps? When the writers take real-life possible situations and put them realistically in the paths of our favorite characters. That happened to Katie, Alison and Casey this week and (for me anyway) that made Oakdale the place to be.

On with the blog!

Casey and Alison

There is a lot more to Casey and Alison than just two friend sticking up for one another, let me say that first. One of the best lines of the week was when Casey made the crack that he was the first Hughes man not to be taken with a Stewart woman (too funny!). You guys know what that means…a new romance is probably on the way. And, even though it might look like Allie is getting Emily’s sloppy seconds, I really don’t think so.

How many times over the past few weeks have we all mentioned that Emily was using Casey and it had to come to an end? I think that end is finally here (yay!), even though I was a Casey/Emily fans. I liked them together because I knew it couldn’t last. Tom and Margo, Chris, Dusty…there were too many obstacles out there, not to mention the colossal age difference. May/December relationships are great, but this one was never meant to be.

So, having Casey and Alison build on their friendship makes perfect sense to me, and if it leads to a little romance down the road I’m all for that, too. How about you?


Okay, I have to take a minute to breathe because (gasp!) Chris is gone. At least for now. This week marked the last days for Chris Hughes, who trotted off to Africa to heal the sick.


I didn’t always like Chris’ actions but I always did like watching him. He made Oakdale a little bit more interesting and a lot more hot!

Emily, Dusty, Meg and Paul

This quadrangle has disaster written all over it. Not because Dusty, as Emily pointed out to Paul this week, always falls for his damsels in distress. Not because Paul is really losing his mind. Not because Meg is (in all liklihood) going to have yet another miscarriage. Not because Emily is over the moon for Dusty and willing to do anything to get him back.