welcomes Kristen Connolly to the cast of As The World Turns! Kristen will begin playing Josie, a woman connected to Dusty, later this month.

CBS Soaps viewers may recognize Kristen. For the past few months she has been playing Jolene, an actress playing Reva in the movie of Reva’s life on Guiding Light.

Kristen has also appeared in feature films such as the Mark Wahlberg hit “The Happening” and on Primetime dramas such as “Law & Order” and “New Amsterdam”.

Kristen recently completed filming two more movies; “Revolutionary Road” is set for release later this year and “Confessions of a Shopaholic” is set for release in 2009.

Although we don’t know a lot about the character of Josie just yet, with her connection to Dusty, we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks! Kristen’s first airdate as Josie is set for October 31.