Always in the thick of it.

Before Roger Howarth returned to “One Life to Live” in 2010 to reprise the role of Todd Manning, now on General Hospital, he took over the role of Paul Ryan on “As the World Turns.” As Todd is currently in the middle of a baby switch in Port Charles, Paul also knew about two babies in Oakdale, one dead and one alive, who weren’t with their correct mothers.

In 2005, Paul’s sister Jennifer and his eventual sister-in-law Gwen gave birth on the same day. Jennifer thought her son had died, while Gwen started bonding with the baby she thought was hers. However, that was not case, as Craig Montgomery switched the babies.

Paul discovered this information, but kept quiet since Craig was the father of Jennifer’s baby and believed she was better off without him in her life. But how did Paul come to this revelation? Vote in the poll and discuss the storyline below.