Who doesn't love Emily and Dusty? (Soaps.com)

As The Week Turned
October 6 – October 10

Life became very interesting in Oakdale this week, my friends, and I’m loving it! A few people got backbones, a few people made life decisions and Paul continued his downward spiral into true Stenbeckness (that’s my new word of the week).

On with the blog!


We begin this week with Mr. Madness himself. I’m still not convinced that James is really dead, and if he is I’m really, really upset! Only James could wreak more havoc ‘dead’ than he could ‘alive’. Was the reading of the will apropos, or what? James tells the gathering, including Meg and Emily, that he knew he was dying so he decided to find the true Stenbeck heir. We know that, by birth, that would automatically be Dusty but to James True Heir means Just Like Me Heir. So he set Dusty and Paul up to fight to the death and inserted Meg into the middle of their duel because he knows both have savior complexes. Makes perfect sense to me. And gives him power, even in the grave, to wreak havoc in Oakdale.

The funniest part of the reading, though, was when Paul picked up the urn and took it with him, saying it was the only way he could gloat over his father. Priceless!


You know what I’ve never understood about Paul, though? Why he’s so…enamored of James. Say what you will, but the master manipulator (that would be James) shouldn’t be such a master after decades of messing with Paul’s head. He said it himself last week, James shouldn’t have power over him.

Which leads me full-circle to James-Can’t-Be-Dead.

You know what I hope is going on? I hope James really isn’t dead. I hope he’s drugging Paul – talking to ghosts, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just like Meg and a little ghostie we call Sofie! – to make Paul crazy. Yep, that’s what I hope is going on. Because I like bad, dark Paul. Light, bright Paul is boring but dark Paul is sexy and fun and a true match for Dusty’s Superhero character!

Dusty and Emily

Months away from Oakdale didn’t dim the sexual chemistry between Dusty and Emily one bit, did it fans? Is anyone else getting facial burns from their televisions after watching Dusty and Emily kiss and argue and kiss and make love and argue some more? Now that is what soaps are all about!

You know what I found interesting this week? You guys are as glad as I am that Dusty’s back; from last week’s poll, 67% of you were just happy that Prince Donovan was back in town to dust things up. From there, though, the poll got weird. Many of you want to see Dusty and Margo go head to head, some of you want to see Holden and Dusty finally fight it out and many of you want to see Dusty in a whole new light – with Katie! Now that I didn’t see coming. Dusty and Katie. Hmmm…I can see it. And it would give Brad something seriously meaty to bite into.

Lily and Holden and Lucinda

Lily and Holden still seem to be circling the drain as their relationship slips away. Lily is more upset and Dusty-fied than ever, Holden is ready to clock Dusty and Lucinda keeps butting in, telling Lily that she should ignore Dusty and telling Holden that Dusty is going to ruin his life. Note to Lucinda: this isn’t helping the situation!

I’ve said this many, many times on the boards but I don’t find anything wrong with Lily have a deep bond with Dusty and I don’t know why Lucinda and Holden do. They both need to take a step back and let Lily make her own decisions.