Prison fever.

Jennifer Landon debuted on The Young and the Restless as Heather Stevens this month, but before she came to Genoa City, she was part of the popular teen couple Gwen and Will on “As the World Turns.”

Gwen came on the Oakdale scene in 2005 with a crush on Casey. They slept together and she got pregnant, but he made it clear he wasn’t interested in her. Will stepped in and helped Gwen through her pregnancy. She planned to give the baby to Rosanna but she fell into a coma.

After Gwen gave birth to her pre-mature baby, Rosanna’s sister Carly agreed to take care of it. However, Gwen didn’t know Carly was her own sister yet and didn’t trust her. Gwen’s estranged mother Iris came to town and insinuated herself into Gwen and the baby’s lives, by petitioning the court for custody on Gwen’s behalf.

Will stood by Gwen through all this, but when Iris falsely accused Will of poisoning her, he was arrested. Gwen knew her mother was up to no good and while he was still in jail, the two professed their love for each other.

Once Will was out of jail, the two ran off with the baby to NYC. Sadly, they eventually learned Gwen’s baby had died and was switched with Will’s sister Jennifer’s child. Gwen grieved her loss, but moved on by marrying Will.

The Munsons went through many trials and tribulations during their time in Oakdale, but got their happy ending as they adopted a baby and left town in 2008. Flashback to the beginning, as Will and Gwen declared their love through a jail cell and then fill in the blanks on their relationship below.