You asked, fans, and has found a few answers, fans. Answers about the wardrobe of a couple of favorite, younger characters! This installment of our Wardrobe Series will focus on Mick Hazen (Parker Snyder) and Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone).

Teri Plemmons wrote, “Why is Parker wearing a green wristband on his left arm? High school kids wearing colored wristbands usually have different meanings.”

Several other astute fans have noticed the green, rubber wristband that Parker has been wearing nearly every day since the beginning of the summer. With so many colored bracelets representing different causes, we investigated. Our sources in the As The World Turns Wardrobe department tell us the bracelet is just a funky piece that Mick liked and decided to wear for a while. If you have a high school aged boy in your life who is looking for something similar, look around at an H&M Store; that is where Oakdale’s wardrobe gurus found the wristband for Parker.