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As The Week Turned
September 29 – October 3, 2008

Hey there, fans, I am still really enjoying the turnaround we’re seeing in Oakdale. I love that the storylines are pulling in all of the core families and I love the intrigue surrounding James’ death (anyone think he isn’t really dead – again?). There are a couple of things on my mind, though, so on to the blog!

Jack and Carly

I’m not a CarJack fan, but I do really love the couple. I love their depth and history and I love that the characters are so solidly built. Carly is a lot of things but she loves her family. For better or worse, that family includes Jack, so this week when she turned him down, I cried with her (even though she didn’t show him her tears) as much as I cheered with her when he asked her for another chance. What was that, chance number 5,674? Yeah, it’s a lot of chances, but I never get tired of these two trying and failing to find their happily ever after!


On the opposite side of the Snyder coin, there is Brad. Yeah, he’s still making me nuts despite the fact that he did turn himself in this week. Last week I polled you all and overwhelmingly 45% of you agreed with me that Brad needed to do this. However, 30% of you said he simply needs to grow up. You know what? I agree with you. I think turning himself in was the right thing to do, but it isn’t enough. Brad only did that because he thought he was losing Katie. He didn’t do it because he was compelled to come forward. And that is something I’m getting really tired of. Here is a 30-something man who is constantly acting like a teenager. There are no consequences for him in anything he does because the people around him say, “Oh, that’s just Brad.” Wake up, people! That is enabling him to continue acting like a bratty teenager instead of the grown-up man he is supposed to be.

At this point, he doesn’t deserve Katie, who isn’t my favorite person. He doesn’t deserve any Oakdale woman. Except maybe … nope, there is no one.

Holden and Lily

I hate to say this, because I really like the backbone Lily has shown since the divorce/affair with Mike. But she is getting on my last nerve. She’s turning into that wimpy, walked all over woman she was before she left town a few months ago. And it’s all Holden’s fault. For that reason, I am placing a hex on this reunion.

Lily and Holden, may your reunion bring nothing but pain and misery. May you both lose all respect for yourselves and may you never love anyone again. Ever.