The Stenbeck heir.

Gunnar St. Clair came on the scene in 1982 as James Stenbeck’s first cousin. St. Clair claimed the Stenbeck maid took him to the orphanage upon James’ father’s orders, so as not to have the parentless boy in his home. Gunnar would later learn that story was a lie and he was switched at birth. Apparently the maid left her child, James, with the Stenbecks, while taking the true heir, Gunnar, to the orphanage.

During his time in Oakdale, Gunnar was revealed to be Dusty Donovan’s father and of course did battle with James Stenbeck. He also learned he had a terminal blood disease. Not wanting his wife at the time to watch him die, he took off on a hot-air balloon trip around the world in 1984. He met his end in Australia.

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