Instant family.

Liberty Ciccone came to Oakdale in 2008 in search of her father Brad Snyder. She was the product of a one-night stand when Brad was in high school. Liberty’s mother Janet raised her by herself and the two were very close, but when Liberty saw Brad marry Katie on the WOAK talk show, she decided it was time to meet her dad.

Brad immediately took to Liberty and readily agreed to a DNA test, which was positive. Brad and Katie had their hands full with Liberty, as she was caught shoplifting, ditching school and having sex with Parker, among other things. Janet’s presence in town also made waves when she initially went after Brad.

Despite all the upheaval, Liberty and Brad remained close until his death in 2009. But in May of ’08, thrilled to get the DNA results proving Liberty was his daughter, Brad gave her a gift as a way of breaking the news to her. What did he give her?