Shady beginnings.

Henry Coleman arrived on the Oakdale scene in 1999 as a manipulator who only looked out for himself. He quickly found a scheming soulmate in Katie Peretti and the two became great partners in crime.

Over time, Henry and Katie’s slightly devious alliance turned into a deep friendship and Henry even became a lovable, if still flawed character. He was a good brother to Maddie, resistant son to James Stenbeck and ultimately a loving and wacky husband to Barbara Ryan. There was also a memorable love affair with Vienna Hyatt along the way.

Though we loved him by “As the World Turns'” end, in the beginning, Henry set out to bring down Holden and Molly at WOAK with intern Katie’s help. Do you remember what Henry’s first perceived crime on the way to ruling Oakdale’s TV station was? Vote and discuss the storyline below.