“She’s your baby!”

Lily grew up thinking Lucinda Walsh was her mother. In 1987, the teen befriended Iva Snyder, but soon discovered that she was actually her biological mother. There was even more to the story, as Iva also revealed that Lily was conceived when her cousin Josh, who was going by the name Rod, raped her.

Josh explained he had been abused by his stepfather, which was why he was so mixed up when he and Iva were kids. Josh was eventually redeemed and an angry Lily came around to forgiving her parents and adopted mother Lucinda.

However, there was still the question of Lily’s growing attraction to Iva’s brother Holden, who was technically her uncle. Emma saved the day on that one when she revealed that both Josh and Iva had been adopted, so Lily and Holden were free to be together.

Everything worked out in the end, but it was pretty ugly for awhile when Lily first learned the truth about her parentage. Watch it for yourself below.